Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Check this out... Thank you Mary. and a *Freebie* for you

I have drawn some snow persons and have decided since its so close to Christmas to give away some of them. Any and all tubes, free or purchased, are copyright to me , Katherine M. Traver. I do ask that you place copyright near the images when you use them.
Here is the outcome Mary created using my first freebie to the public .For the blog I had to make it a wee bit smaller -but I think Mary did a great job! Thanks again Mary ;-) She also used a scrap kit by one of the designers at CraftyDelight - the designers name is " Twinkle Me Pink " and the scrap kit is called " Baby , its cold " .

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Download Free Girl Building Snowman Tube HERE

Please keep the image as personal use only. You can use the tube in tutorials, signature tags and stationery if you like ... please just remember not to share the tube- and to give proper credit by using the copyright layer and or typing out the copyright .
You may share the url to my blog if your friends would like this free tube also... that way they can come here and download the free tube just like you have done. I hope you enjoy ~ and keep your eyes open for more freebies in the future . There will be art for sale in tube form /png files etc also in the near future - those will be licensed art . No need for license # on the free items. ( Just the copyright will suffice and url of course ). Thanks for looking !
Download the Free Little Girl building a Snowman " HERE"
Thanks for stopping by ~ be sure to book mark my blog so that you do not miss out on future shares/news.
Katherine M. Traver ( Gallery not complete at this time but progressing and open in the near future )

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

RenFest Thank you- 2008

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I can't find the words to describe how this wonderful "Thank you"
made me feel. I enjoy painting and have painted even more for this years festival.
It is such a neat experience to see the changes that take place and seeing the admiration and
hearing the thank you's from all of the rennies and non rennies that help bring the ren fest together are thank you enough in my heart.

More Face Painting fun

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More face painting ...

Enjoying the fairy Garden- RenFest 2008

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I am enjoying the fairy garden that my sister , Toni Knoll , created for the
Mid Michigan Ren Fest - this was 2008 ..

Mid Michigan Ren Fest-2008

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Me at the Mid Michigan Ren Fest last year.. 2008

If you were unable to make it to last years Ren Fest - you really should consider coming on out this year. You will enjoy it. See you there .............

RenFaire 2008- Sisters

Taken at Mid Michigan Ren Festival - 2008 -
This is 2 of my sisters and myself .
We had a great time.

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Left to Right
Toni Knoll
Penny Pickelmann
Katherine M. Traver ( me ! LOL)

In the news - Kate face paints in Vassar Michigan

This was in the Vassar newspaper this year - as you can see -
I also like to do face painting. The kids love it .

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Thanks for looking,

P.s. Summer of 2009

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Did I mention I like to paint ? LOL

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Practicing for more face painting to be done this year in
Vassar Michigan library and at the Mid Michigan Ren Fest.

Bob and I at Mid Michigan Ren Fest 2008

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My husband Bob and I at one of the tents at Mid Michigan Ren Fest 2008.

Behind Bars at Mid Michigan Ren Fest

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All part of the Mid Michigan Ren Fest -
this picture was taken at the festival in 2008.

This is me at Mid Michigan RenFest 2008

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This is me back in the woods behind my house again during the Mid Michigan RenFest last year. I'm showing a few of my paintings... The festival was great fun. Are you coming to it this year ? Click Here to find out more information on the Mid Michigan Ren Fest Face Book site.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sharing pics of items I've painted here and there

Since I love to paint ... I paint more than oil paintings - etc. I also do some face painting and will share some photo's of those with you too. Some have made the town newspaper front page . My blog here will be a variety of items shared here of things I have painted - or a basic 'diary' - as I continue to draw/paint and await the grand opening of my store and gallery . I will be placing some freebies ( tubes ) here off and on too- so keep checking back.

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This picture is from the children game area of the Mid Michigan RenFest.

The Mid Michigan Renaissance Festival takes place in the woods behind my house. My parents, George Henry and Jessie Roberta Grainger owned the property for years... upon their passing, the property now belongs to one of my sisters Toni Knoll. Toni and her son ( my nephew, of course ) became partners with Chuck and Wendy Hough and with the help of many other RenFest people, family, friends, neighbors and more , the woods became " The Mid Michigan Renaissance Festival "
It has a successful year last year and is open again this year.
Check below for more information.
Oct 10 - Nov 1.
10 am - 6 pm
Weekends Only
Rain or Shine
Beer and Wine Tent
4 stages
LOTS of Entertainment
King Henry VIII and Anna Von Kleve visit the town of Kleves, a short distance from Frankenmuth Michigan.

If you live in the area - try to make it to the festival this year , there will be games for the kids , a variety of entertainment ... a beer tent.. Vendors selling items... it will be a great time to be had by all. I'd love to see you there... perhaps we could even have coffee together !

Hoping everyone is having a great day!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sharing something special

I haven't placed anything here yet of my own but I will ! But first, I wanted to share " something special."
Take a look at the below paintings and then be sure to read the description below them. You will understand once you read it why its "something special" to me and now also to you.

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Painting #1 a seascape with mountains and trees. Painting#2 is another seascape and the lighthouse at Point Clark along the Lake Huron shore in Canada.( the oldest working lighthouse, for 150 years ( 2009 ) These are done by a close friend of mine, in Canada
Artist: Jim Hall, originally from Kincardine, Canada, lived all his life along Lake Huron. This is his frist attempt at painting, jim was blinded from a motorcycle accident 15 years ago. He is another form of artist also, he sings and also writes poetry.

Thank you for stopping by...
more to come..